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Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail is an Indian soil biologist and ecologist. His work has centred on techniques for recycling biodegradable waste into fertilizer using local varieties of earthworms, and on soil bioremediation. Currently in Position of Director Ecoscience Research Foundation, Chennai 600041, INDIA.


Dr.T.S.Natarajan is Physics Professor Working in Indian Institute of Technology (Madaras). He is the Youtube's Seventh Most Popular Professor. His Lecture series on Basic Electronics on Youtube has crossed 2 crore Views.      

Syed Munir Hoda

Syed Munir Hoda is a retired Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer – 1976 batch IAS officer of Tamil nadu cadre. He has held various key positions in Government before retiring from the rank of Chief Secretary. 

Dr. Narasimhan

Dr. Narasimhan is a Resource Person in the fields of Taxonomy, Medicinal Plants, Ethnobotany and Environment and delivered lectures in Universities, Colleges and for Voluntary Organizations. He is also actively involved in interacting with Environmental Organizations and Organizations Working with Communities.

Vishnu Jayaprakash

Vishnu Jayaprakash is a entrepreneur with a passion for finding elegant solutions to large scale problems in fields as diverse as renewable energy,real estate, wearable technologies and education. He is Co-Founder at Ferro Technologies,Co-Founder at Opprise Technologies , Co-Founder at Agni Surya Energy Pvt. Ltd, Director for research at a privately run research institution, Agni Center for Research and Development.

A K K Raju

Mr. A.K.K. Raju is a Engineer(Retd.) from Wireless Planning and Commission (WPC), currently working in Madras flying Club(MFC) as a trainer. He served Indian navy for 10 years, then another 28 years in WPC. He was also a mentor in AMET University for 17 years.