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Garuda Aerospace provides the technology platforms and expertise to assist those clients that have a forestry, wildlife, and conservation focus. Eagle can collect data from areas that are difficult to reach, hazardous, or where human intrusion is to be kept to a minimum. Eagle was designed to perfectly fulfil the remote monitoring missions. The optical zoom (10X) of the camera embedded on the drone, can clearly visualize an object located at more than a hundred meters away from the drone.

Switching to the infrared camera is instantly performed remotely by the drone pilot or the operator of the camera, and allows to combine HD colour vision to thermal in a swivelling 360° gimbal. Images can be stored onboard, on the drone, for later analysis and are re-transmitted to the ground in real time and without latency.

Eagle’s quiet operation and small visual profile makes it a perfect tool for conducting complete natural observation, without disturbing the subject matter.